Specialists In Visual Storytelling

Pick any person, any company, any service and you will find a story.

We’re experts at telling those stories,

and in a manner that’s compelling and inspiring.

Let us help you tell your story,

because truthfully, people are waiting to listen.

These are just a sample of hundreds of educational videos we’ve created

for medical entities and inspiring pieces for schools and colleges.

In short, we’re very much about information transfer. 

About (you…)

Have you ever asked yourself: how do I get my 10 pounds of information into the 1 pound sack?

You know, that sack which represents today’s attention span? If you’re a business or service then you know that making yourself understood, in a very short amount of time, is difficult. It’s almost like being on a 1~floor elevator ride, trying to unpack all you offer in such a short amount of time.

Take heart, your problem is relatively simple to solve.

Call us!

What I’m saying is, we’re here to help you solve that problem, just like the myriad other folks and companies we’ve helped. You need people to know that what you’re offering is VALUABLE! And this is where we help you communicate what it is you’re offering, in an efficient amount of time.

Many companies are so immersed in the minutia of their business, they can’t see the forest for the trees. Oh they can talk about it, as long as they’re on a 20 floor elevator ride.


have us listen to ALL YOUR INFORMATION (promise, we won’t go to sleep). Let us observe YOUR PROCESS (you provide the hard hats and bio-suits). Then we’ll look at who you’re trying to reach. And best of all, create a plan that solves your problem! Remember, your 10 pounds in a tiny sack problem…?


You have a story to tell,

and the reason we can help is:

1) we’ve told a mess of ‘em, stories, that is.

2) if you have a business then you have customers and you need those customers to connect, engage, and choose you for whatever that amazing product or service is, and then buy some.

photo courtesy of. Michael Hicks

This is me, Cameron Ventura—I started Bona Ventura Productions.

As mentioned earlier,  film-making is telling stories–mostly with images doing the heavy lifting. And while we’ve gravitated toward education, that road was paved with everything from commercials, industrial films, music videos, etc…

Which by the way, we’re still happy to do.

The list of projects is long, and suffice to say, whatever it is you’re looking to accomplish, we may have already traveled a similar road.

Clients We’ve Worked With

If you think we might be a good fit at helping you find your 1~floor elevator voice, now would be the time to push the


If we do lunch, my treat.


Occasionally, we all need an extra pair of eyes to bring some perspective.

If that’s all you need, we’re happy to help you gain that alternate view.

Just mention that in your email.


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